Washington, First Take

Pacific north west! These are some photos from my first venture north and west to Washington (state of course) and boy is it wonderful up there. Most of these were taken at a costal defence bunker built in WW1 expanded in WW2 and decommisioned sometime after that. This is one of many bunkers protecting the port of Seattle.

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Friday, April 8th, 2005 at 10:45 am in category Images

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  1. Rungtiwa Says:

    When you builda bukner, idealy, you would add it when you build your house.NOT DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH, if someone burns your house you ll be in an oven. If your house already exists, you must hae a cover, a good one is a large front porch or new sceptic. That will allow for a large round (more strength in the walls) hole. You can do most of the work yourself, most companies are a scamand if you are not planning on living in it full time, it’s not worth it. NO ONE IS GOING TO LIVE UNDER GROUND FOR A YEAR NO MATTER HOW COMFORTABLE THE SPACE IS ..Make sure you put a buried turret on top that can be jacked (floor jack and a 4 4) up through the ground so if your buncker is comprimised you can fight without leving it. Once it’s found, if you can not generate your own air internally your dead. The first thing they will do is find your air intake and no matter how good it is, a shovel and pick will evevntually defeat it,if not a simple CS grenade or pepper saray. Water proof the outside and inside of your concrete floor and walls heavily and install two good blast doors. One entrance/exit is suicide. Plan on spendind ing no more than three months iside. You can cache food and other items under ground near by. The majority of any shitstorm will be over or you will be dead by then. WHile in the bukner talk extensively (especially to kids) about what it may be like when they leave the safety of the bukner. Stay busy studying survival medicine and urban recon. Needless to say, eventhough harsh, only you IMMEDIATE family can know the location. No in laws etc, you can impress upon them the importance. Your spouse and children are the most important and no Mother in Law can keep a secret espectially if she can make her son in law look like a kook. .22 ammo will be the best barter material (other than food and water which you wont want to part with) Don’t use one ofthese expensive companyies unless you have more money than sense.

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