Denton Square

Heather was a classmate from high school. We some how reconnected online, probably through one of those fancy new fangled social networking websites and started talking. As luck would have it we had both sort of crushed on each other in high school, so based on that we decided we should meet up and hang out. Great idea; sure 2 friends that hadn’t seen each other in years who each proclaimed a forgotten crush on one another can meet up and have a perfectly normal time… well not in my world. I showed up with my camera thinking we’d run around and take some pictures, I proceeded to gum up the conversation with endless babbling about who knows what. In an awful attempt to fix the situation I smartly suggested we get up and take photos of Denton’s Square, where we had met, however me being the only one with a camera with made for more awkwardness. Anyways we walked around and I snapped these pictures. Heather, if you by chance are reading this; sorry for being such a bumbling dork.

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005 at 10:00 am in category Images

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